My name is Matt, I'm a software engineer who works on various things and this is my personal site which has my blog and info on recent projects.

Latest Blog Posts

Testing for the Web

Automated testing on the web has some real gnarly gotchas. Time to find out what they are.

Push Debugging & Analytics

How do you add tracking for push messaging and how do you go about debugging push notifications?

Unit Testing a Service Worker

Service workers can lead to some weird behaviours if edge cases are accounted for so how do you test these edge cases?

Side Projects

Web Push Book

Having spent a large amount of time playing with web push I put together a collection of information into "a kind of book" that you can grab from the web-push-book.

Smashing Book 5

I've written a chapter in the Smashing Book 5 on service workers and it's now available in print or ebook.